Kicking off 2013 with a Mega #FlirtSquad Challenge! @ Rachel Harris’ blog

Happy January!

There’s something about the start of a new year. A fresh slate. An entire 12 months set before you, all filled with possibility. With the excitement of new beginnings in the air, it seems like an excellent time for another Flirt Squad challenge 🙂

If you’re new to the game, let me quickly explain what the Flirt Squad is.

The Flirt Squad is my super awesome street team, and along with helping spread the word about my own books around release time, we like to spread the word about other fabulous books and authors.

We have regular giveaways and challenges, and members earn all kinds of prizes. To become a regular member of the Flirt Squad (and have a chance to not only earn tons of swag but also get your name in the Acknowledgements of my book or even become a character!) head over to my Flirt Squad Page for all the details.Go ahead, we’ll wait (*grin*)

Back? Awesome. Because this month’s challenge is BIG. And believe me, you’re gonna want to play along.

Since January is the month for resolutions, I thought it would be fun to play with that idea. I’ve asked some of my good friends to join in, and not only did they say yes, but they’ve also thrown in prizes!

All month long we’ll be “meeting” these authors, getting to know what 2013 holds for them, and what their personal New Year’s Resolutions are. And all month long you’ll be earning points in order to win the goodies they’ve brought to the party.

Here’s How To Earn Points

Along with guest posts featuring them throughout the month, each of the participating authors have crafted New Year Resolution tweets for the main characters in their books. It’s a fun way to get to know their books and characters better. And copying these tweets is an excellent way you can let others know about these fabulous books.

If you are new to these challenges, you can leave a comment below with your contact info to let me know you’re playing along (and so I can find you if you win!), and then jump in and start playing!

***Regular Flirt Squad Members–Since so many of us enjoy tracking points (and chatting) via the always fun Google doc, I’ve created a special one for this challenge. Email me ( if you did not recieve the email with the link!***

The tweets are listed below and all you have to do is copy and post them–each tweet equals one point. I”ll be following the hashtag to award your points.

Yes, you can tweet more than one of the tweets listed below each day.

No, please don’t tweet the same tweet more than once per day. Spread the love around 🙂

Just A Suggestion: while there isn’t a limit on how many tweets you can send a day (other than not the same one more than once), I highly suggest you either space them out or limit them or you may just drive your followers batty!

For an additional 10 points, you can also do a blog post about the event. Tell me one of YOUR New Year’s Resolutions, and include which of the characters tweets below is closest to your own. Link back to this post and either tweet it out with the hashtag (#FlirtSquadResolutions) or leave it in the comments below, and I’ll award the additional pointage.

This challenge will run until February 1st, 2013.

Ckick here to know more and enter the challenge!

My own New Year’s resolutions are that of being me, no matter what… and do what I want and also read at least one book which I did not receive for review after I read one I did. Yeah, and watch more movies… and be happy. Sure, be happy is essential ❤